Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Numéro Homme China #5

BOYS BOYS BOYS for Numéro Homme China shot by Matthew Brookes.

The full cast includes Benoni Loos, Simon Sabbah, Arthur Grosse, Jeremy Barrois, Hadrien Bal, Vinnie Woolston, Richard B, John Todd, Michael Vinant, Robert Sipos and Matthieu.

EEEE look at the funny faces they are making, it's so cute I want to die.

Cuter than a pile of corgi puppies, and thats saying a LOT.

OH LOOS you face maker YOU.

- Image Source forums.thefashionspot.com


Shelley said...

Who did that to those puppies?!

Stephen Conway said...

The owner, they are sleeping not dead… or heavily sedated.


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