Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ollie Edwards in No Man's Land

Ollie Edwards in No Man's Land for Vogue Hommes International by Mark Segal.

I love how magazines make farm life look.

I want baby pigs and goats on leashes.

This just needs a fabulous blonde Shetland Pony!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Rebirth" by Daniel van Flymen

Where did this style come from? I blame Ryan McGinley.

I mean who can say no to naked dudes romping around the woods like freaky hippies?

I love the name "Rebirth" because naked dudes in the woods isn't smart enough.

To a summer filled with naked dudes roaming around the woods!

Well, actually no, as nice as it looks you will just end up dying from lyme disease.

Rebirth by Daniel van Flymen.

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Color in Motion with Mathias Lauridsen

Mathias Lauridsen for Details Magazine by Milan Vukmirovic.

I'm a bit over Caritorials but I'm always in love with some color!

The best part about Caritorials is that the car likely made more money than the model. 

His scar isn't looking great in the red suit…

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Double Dare with Seth Kuhlmann & Travis Smith

Seth Kuhlmann & Travis Smith play a game of "Double Dare" in Commons & Sense Magazine by Tetsuharu Kubota.

Some good use of Givenchy going on here.

Some questionable use of black face paint however.

We are also loving the amount of Iliac Furrow going on with Mr. Kuhlmann.

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Leebo Freeman, Mikkel Jensen, Miles McMillan, Misa Patinszki, Sebastian Sauvé, and Ton Heukels go brace face for issue 2 of Fucking Young.

They look SO CUTE! How do models make braces look super cute?

Where do you even find fake braces?

I need this issue it's looking SO GOOD!

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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - A video by Sebastian Sauvé

The Sauvé cut his hair all off and he looks FAB!

He looks like early Matt King now.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quincy Currie & Stefan Scheenstra by Martijn Senders for Winq

Quincy Currie & Stefan Scheenstra by Martijn Senders for Winq.

Where would gay magazines be without bright color underwear?

When did the gays get so sporty slutty?

Not sure how I feel about Quincy's hair cut… Stefan on the other hand is working his hair!

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