Thursday, March 31, 2011

Raul Nero & Maurício Pio

I Think The Sexy Sport Spread Is Shot By João P. Teles…

"We Dig Sports" Showcases My Fave Sexy Look… Speedos & SHORT Shorts & Revealing Tights!

Leopard Print Speedo For The Win!

Why Don't Guys With GOOD Bodies Wear The Speedos?


- Source

Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker With Nous Model Shot By Chrsitian Rios.

Sleep Wear Sexy!

So Many Muscles… HELLO!

- Source

AJ Abualrub & Paolo Anchisi

AJ Abualrub & Paolo Anchisi For GQ Style Italy Shot By Kai Z Feng.

I Loves Me Some AJ & Paolo!

Scarves For Everyone!

- Source

Diego Fragoso

Diego Fragoso By Milan Vukmirovic For L'Officiel Hommes…

Also Styled By Milan Vukmirovic, Loving ANOTHER Black & White Editorial.

Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Cheap-Ish Black Leather Shorts That Don't Say S&M But Say Pseudo Givenchy?

I May Have To Buy Thrifted Leather Pants… Kinda Ew… And Cut Them?

I Dunno If He Is Wearing Leather Shorts But What Eva…

- Source

Least Looking S&M Shorts From An S&M Leather Shoppe $206 Which Is Good Because You Would Pay Over 1,000 For Designer Leather Shorts… HURM.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Steve Gold

Steve Gold Gets Nautical For GQ Español Shot By Sergi Pons.

I Need A Boat.

Also A Rope Bracelet To Wear On The Boat With Some Boat Shoes Short Shorts And So On…


- Source

Garrett Neff

Garrett Neff For Blank Magazine Shot By Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold.

Garret Is Looking Sexy Chic Times In "Dial N for Noir".

Love The Neff!


- Source

Geoffroy Jonckheere

Geoffroy Jonckheere, Evandro Soldati, & Diego Miguel For GQ Rússia April 2011 By Richard Phibbs.

Good Job Shooting Black & White When Everyone Is Shooting Color, A Strong Choice!

Love That Burberry Prorsum Vest.

WORK Leather Pants!

- Modelhommes

Simon Nessman

New Photos Of Simon Nessman… Looking THIN.

He Also Isn't Really Ageing Which Is Good.

Love Seeing Simon.

UUMM Can Soul Can't Take A Clear Photo? Kinda Blurry… Just Saying :P

- Source

Danny Schwarz

Showtime With Danny Schwarz Shot By Renie Saliba For Client Magazine.

Top Hat WORK!

Random, Maybe, But SEXY… YESH.

UUGG Add To Cart…


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leebo Freeman

L’Officiel Hommes Germany WORK That Prada & Leebo Freeman For Spring Summer 2011.

Shot By Emilio Tini This Sweater Is EVERYWHERE!

I Want!


- Source

Client O'Pry!

Sean O'Pry On The Cover Of Client Issue #3!

Cover Shot By Saverio Cardia.

DAMM You I Need To Get This Issue!

Buy It Online At Client Or Lulu.

- Source

Monday, March 28, 2011

James Franco Hommes International

Cover Gay Gal Pal James Franco Works Some Sexy Good Random Times For Vogue Hommes International Spring Summer 2011 Shot By Terry Richardson.

So Classy James, Does He EVER Look Bad?


James, When Are We Going For That Coffee Date You Promised?!?



- Source

The Fantastic David Beckham.

Lady David Beckham WORKS The Cover Of FANTASTIC MAN In Some Geek Chic Glasses.

I Didn't Even Know He Still Played…

- Source

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bogdan Tudor

"Fresh Prints" Kinda Lame Name… Too Much Reference Too "Fresh Prince" Kinda Sorta Not Really.

THE Milan Vukmirovic Shot Fresh Face Bogdan Tudor For L’Officiel Hommes Italia… I WANT.

Loving The Color Shots And The Use Of Print On Page And Model… Stunning.

Lets All Go Out And Buy PRINTS For Spring Summer!

The Inky Splatter Would Be An Easy DIY.


FRESH FACE… Bogdan Is 17…


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