Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jester White for Varon Magazine

Current London it boy Mr. White goes "mad" for Varon Magazine.

Horrendous styling aside, it's interesting to see the evolution of Jesters facial expressions.

Even while drowning in those disastrous Martine Rose jeans he manages to work some serious face. That Benedicte Holmboe parka look is unforgivable.

I'm almost over the hair however, time to move on J. White.

"Mad - Jester" by Stefan Zschernitz for Varon Magazine.

- Image Source

Steven Chevrin for Têtu by Jeff Hahn

Steven Chevrin gets tres intimate for Le Têtu, oh the gay french, so classy.

I kinds love how simple they kept this, just a bunch of cropped O faces and simple white CKs.

I also have a feeling this was not shot in Gay Paree but in Le London…

Let's get some work in Têtu, NON?

Steven Chevrin for Têtu by Jeff Hahn.

- Image Source

Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2013

I should just come to acceptance that Prada will never cast male models ever again…

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Benicio Del Toro, Harvey Keitel, & Dane DeHaan are the faces of Prada this season.

A big SIGH all around. If the collection wasn't boring enough they decided it was a good idea to make this snore fest Black & White.

Dane DeHaan is the most model looking actor in the bunch but his biggest credit this year was probably "Chronicle" how very non Prada.

Finally I feel like I'm seeing the same looks over and over again.

Poor poor Prada man, so neglected.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Benicio Del Toro, Harvey Keitel, & Dane DeHaan for Prada Spring Summer 2013 by David Sims.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

All The Young Dudes By Joseph Sinclair for ADON

MORE ADON Magazine issue #1 “All The Young Dudes” By Joseph Sinclair styled by Roy Fire & Tal Peer.

Featuring Eric Belanger with RED, Jonathan Nielssen with VNY, Ryan Bertroche with Request, Kyle Ellison and Lucas Fernandes with Major NY.

So far we are still loving ADON!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Raul & Haydem Guerra for Client

Raul & Haydem Guerra for Client by Aitor Santome.

This is barely borderline twincest, yet again.

Why fashion, why?

I'm also not sure why it then goes down the Matador route…

SO love it or hate it? It could always use more partial ass cheek shots!

- Image Source

The Man Boys of Elite London Fall Winter 2013 - 2014


Elite is bringing all the man boys to the yard!

I better brush up on my German, Swedish, French & Dutch!

Good to see some majors coming back into town…

See you all very soon, mwahahahahah!

- Image Source

The Man Boys of AMCK London Fall Winter 2013 - 2014

It's JUST around the corner!

I'm loving the consistency of this show pack, it's all so dark and mysterious.

Some strong new faces this season!

I LOVE how AMCK has just uploaded the print PDF online, crop lines included!

I'm OBVIOUSLY just going to download it, re-save as JPG and then re-blog!


- Image Source AMCK


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