Friday, May 18, 2012

Stretching Olympians

Swimmer Brendan Hansen
The Olympic hype hasn't really hit London… I have a sneaking suspicion it may never come, I'm usually met with some vaguely negative grumbling when I bring it up.

ONLY 69 days away bitches!

SO WHAT the city will be unbearably over crowded, so what both tube stations I take to work have been classified as "Exceptionally Busy" for the whole duration, so what everyone stuck here will be in a horrible mood.

We will have hot bodies like this in our company…demigods in speedos & spandex!

YES they will be in Stratford but you know those fame whores can't resist walking down Oxford street for fun times, well one can dream.


I question why Phelps & Hansen are in jeans…

Modern pentathlon athlete Dennis Bowsher
Diver Kristian Ipsen
Trampoline gymnast Logan Dooley
Michael Phelps
Diver Thomas Finchum
Diver Troy Dumais

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