Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The World Needs One Million Less Of YOU!

Clint Mauro + Marlon Teixeira By Matthew Scrivens Making LOVE!

BRAVO To You Two, Two MAJOR Models Taking A Risk!

The Campaign Is For Valentine's Day And Is About Sharing Love, However American Mothers Would Rather Push Hate On To Their Children…

The Bitches Didn't Even Do The Research AX ALWAYS Looks Like This… Homo-Tography Is NOTHING New… I Bet One Million Moms Shop At Abercrombie Cuz Thats Not Gay…

Were They Born Yesterday? "Soft Porn" Is A NEW Trend… AX Is Also A FASHION LEADER…

Sorry You Had Kids And Are Too Fat For Real Fashion… Your Also PROLLY Jealous That The Guys Would Rather Make Out With Each Other Than A Mall Mom Let's Be Honest…

Get A Life.com

"Malls, where teens hang out, have retailers whose window displays poison our children with 10-foot posters that are nothing but soft porn. In particular, Armani Exchange has recently displayed Valentine's posters with partially dressed "couples" holding one another. These couples consist of two men, a man and woman, and two women. The women are scantily dressed while it is questionable if the men have any clothes on at all. Two of these models are used a couple of times to represent bisexuals. If it could get any worse the text written is "SHARE THE LOVE." (An asterisk '*' is used to ensure our emails get through to those who have signed up for our alerts. Otherwise specific words referenced would be blocked by some Internet filters.)

Not every local mall has an Armani Exchange, but we need to take a stand since A|X is one of the fashion leaders and this is becoming a popular trend. You may view these on their website at www.armaniexchange.com. WARNING! Pictures are offensive."

Form OneMillionMoms.com

The Cut

Here Is Clint Doing Some Gay Ass Modeling For As Far Back As 2007…

OUT May 2007

Armani Exchange Underwear Fall Winter 2007

Armani Exchange Spring Summer 2007

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