Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Bitch You Better WORK!

HOME GIRRRL Got His WALK MAN Out And Put On His Spandex To Do Some Sweaty Business With Groups Of Men…

BUT For Serious GIRRL Got Sweaty For His New Movie, Love and Other Drugs…

Here Is The Movie Synopsis:

"A salesman competes in the cutthroat world of pharmaceuticals to hawk a male performance enhancement drug. Based on Jamie Reidy's memoir "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman."

THE Movie Is Taking Place Around 1996 - 1998… Bitch Could Have Better Head Phones…

That Spray Bottle Holder Is Living His WET DREAM!

Put Those Away!

Charlie Trout Chuck Bass Landed The Cover Of ARENA HOMME + Question Mark…

They Put Out TWO Covers, But Which One Is NEWS STAND?!

But Chuckles Gets To Air Out His Chesticles So I'm Shore He Is Happy…

It's A SHAME That + Is Going With A Celebrity Considering They Have Had A Pretty Good Run Of Models…

Bottega Veneta


A SIMPLE, Clean, Fresh Summer Collection!

I Love The Whites With Yellows And The EXPLOSION Of Color At The End!

It's Like EVERY Perfect Summer White Dress!

The Color Bags Are FEROSH And The HEAVY Necklaces Are SO Cute And Cheeky They Look Like Fried Eggs!

I Hope That Was Intentional…


DsQuared2 Goes GLAMPING!

This Is CAMP Fo SHO!

So If You Ignore The Silly Styling, The Boots, The Glasses, The BackPack… YOU Have Some FEROSH Pieces!

TIS The Season Of PLASTIC So Why Not Cover A Whole GOWN With Plastic?!

That Skirt With The Yellow Hoddie Is SUPER FEROSH!

And That Hot Pink Skirt Is Cute Too!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What DO This Mean?!

SO If Penélope Cruz Is The Cover Of VF November… WHO GOT VOGUE?!

I Can't Imagine That VOGUE And VF Would Have Her On BOTH Covers For Both November Issues…


I Was Thinking They Were Going To Do A FOLD Out With The Cast Of NINE!

You Have Penelope, Nicole, Kate, Marion, And You Could Prolly Glam Up Ol Ferggie!

UG Any Time Nicole Does A Movie She Gets A COVER… FOLD OUT… FOLD OUT!

SO We Could Get A NICOLE Cover And NINE Editorial OR A DECEMBER Issue With Fold Out…

WORD Is That 4 Of Them Were Photographed Together…

The Freshmen…

It's Interesting To See How TV Is Doing This New Fall Season… Some Hits Some Miss…

I'm SO Happy GLEE Is Getting SOME Viewers… It's SAD That Such BAD Shows Do SO Well…

LOL The Jay Leno Show Is Doing BAD… From 18 MILLION To 5… WOW…

Community Needs To Step Up The GAME… It's Only Kinda Funny…

The Rest I Don't Watch… TOO Bad About TBL…

GAWKER Breaks It Down…

The Good

  • NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) is the clear breakout hit with 18.7 million on its debut, proving once again that Americans love shitty television.
  • The Good Wife (CBS) bobbled most of it's lead in, but pulled in an excellent 13.7 million viewers and won its time slot. Way to go, Carol Hathaway!
  • Modern Family (ABC) rode positive ratings to a 12.7 million bow and its companion Cougar Town (ABC) was right behind it with 11.6.
  • Flash Forward (ABC) predicted itself 12.4 million viewers, so we'll at least see how the mystery ends. Still, it's no Lost.
  • The Vampire Diaries only scared up 4.8 million (shit more teenage girls than that stand wailing out front of Robert Pattinson's hotel room on a daily basis), but that was The CW's highest debut ever.
  • The Cleveland Show (Fox) did just about as well as Family Guy with a 9.4 million on a Sunday night.
  • Accidentally on Purpose (CBS) made 9 million people not laugh.
  • The Forgotten (ABC) and Eastwick (ABC) were just on the right side of average with 9.5 and 9.3 million respectively.
  • Though the numbers for Glee (Fox) weren't the highest at 7.3 million, it's still being considered a victory since a show this good and quirky actually seems to be finding some sort of audience.

  • The Bad

  • The Jay Leno Show (NBC) started out nice and strong with an amazing 18 million, but then fell to 5.7 million a week later and its ratings continue to go up and down a bit, but usually lands at the bottom of the pile. Please, please, make the unfunny stop!
  • Community (NBC) also had a strong debut, keeping most of the run-off from the Office for an audience of 7.7 million. However, the next week, more than 2 million checked out and its ratings were down to 5.4 million.
  • Medical drama Mercy (NBC) will be on life support soon, with only 8.2 checking it out on it's first Wednesday night. Yes, NBC officially sucks.

  • Brothers (Fox) started off with 2.8 million. Let's see how long it holds on.
  • Melrose Place is hobbling along with only 2.3 million viewers in its opening week, and not much more since then. The network has ordered more episodes and Heather Locklear is set to come back in November, so lets hope she can breathe life into this thing for the second time.
  • The Beautiful Life (CW) already got it's ass canceled. We blame Mischa Barton's wisdom teeth.



Opening Ceremony X Where the Wild Things Are!

The Prices Range From $220 - $895 All The Fur Is Fake Too!

The Collection LOOKS $$$$$ You Will Look Like FENDI!


A MENs Fur Coat Would Have Bean Nice Too… Say A Striped One Like The Poster… Oh Well My Mickey Wrap Will Have To Do For Now…

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Versace Is BACK To The 90's!

Her Inspiration Was Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland… But We Didn't Get Too Much Of That…

It's Over The TOP Old, PERFECT For Spring Summer 2010 The Only Miss Was The Bags… But The Shoes Were Also Only Ok…

The Finale Was FEROSH!



Heels Are FEROSH… The Baroque curlicues Are Kinda Strange…




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