Saturday, January 31, 2009


Thursday February 12, 2009 - Friday February 20, 2009!

THEN On To Milan Fashion Week F/W 09/10!

Wednesday February 25, 2009 - Wednesday March 4, 2009

Model Watch.


Major Models...

They Know How To Pick Them...

Watch And Follow His WORK.

NYC Fashion Week Is Calling...


At Least They Keep In Shape.

Look At Those Arms...

In Other Videos Marines Also Catch Other Marines Doing Things And Join In...

Don't Ask Don't Tell Eh...

It Totally Thought This Was Going To Go In A Other Direction...


Nine is a musical following a film director named Guido Contini, who is in his middle age. He is trying to complete his next film. His main problem is that he has too many women in his life. Luisa, his wife, Carla his sexy mistress, and Claudia, his muse and protege.

November 25th 2009.

Director: Rob Marshall

Daniel Day-Lweis

Marion Cotillard

Penelope Cruz

Nicole Kidman

Judi Dench


Kate Hudson


Sophia Loren

Has FEROSH All Over IT!

YOU Know This Is Going To Be A VOGUE Or VANITY FAIR Cover!


Till We Meet Again DUKE...

Channing And His Tatum Are Playing A Boy/Man Nammed Duke For The Second Movie.

Duke In G.I. Joe & He Was Duke In She's the Man.

This Costume Does Nothing For His Tatum.


Let The Count Down Start... NOW

Kerry Degman. Runway?

His Agency Says He Is 6'0". The Rumors Are That He Is Only 5'11". He Is More A Editorial Body Model.

He Looks Great In Photos.. :P

We Just Wonder Is This Was The Best Runway Look For Our Little Portland, Oregon Boy...

Did He Beef Up Or Is This A Bad Photo...

Recent Ralph Lauren Spring Summer...

More Muscle Or Not?

Hard To Say.

He Had The Body Of Wrestler Word Is He Was One?

His Neck Is Just His Head Now..

And The Shorts Don't Make Him Look Tall...

We Hope He Gets More Better Runway Work In The Soon...

An Editorial Star And Ralph Lauren Loves Him For Rugby...

Here Are Early Early Photos Of Kerry D...

I Think His Career Would Suffer If He Was Under A Lesser Agency... MAJOR Keeps The Boys Working...

Chris Pulliam

They Grow So Fast...

Is It Just Me Or Is The Life Span Of A Male Model Shorter Than Short?

I Have Invested Time After Time On Models Of The NOW... Chad White, Ryan Taylor, Owen Steuart, Ect Ect Ect...

And Then They Fall Off The Runway... Showing Up In The Odd AD Or Editorial...

Or Move On To "Acting"

Well Chris Is Hella Hot.

We Hope He Can Last Longer Than Three Seasons...

Red Head Model!

Lasse (Lindegaard) Pedersen

HEIGHT 184cm/6'0.5"
CHEST 93cm/36.5"
WAIST 81cm/32"
SHOES 45 EU/11 US/10.5 UK
SUIT 104 cm/41"/51
COLLAR 37cm/14.5" HAIR Red

Lasse Lindegaard Pedersen

Unique Models



Place of Origin:
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ethnic Origin:
Pure Danish.


How discovered:
At Unique Models Model Search 2007.

Favorite things:
Shoes, laptop, PS3 and my handball.

Favorite music, band:
Maroon 5, Nephew.

Handball - as a coach and as a player.

Country you'd love to visit:
Canada for skiing.

One thing you want to do before you're 30:
Gamble in Las Vegas with my friends.

Favorite foods:
Italian foods and spare ribs.

Movie you want to see next:
"The Dark Knight."

Currently you're obsessed about:
Sports - national and international.

Ah Red Heads...

You Really Can Not Live With Out Them..

He Is Like 17 OR 18 By Now....

In Love With 80's Music

I Love Old Music.. Old Movies..

I Think Thats Where I Draw The Line..

Old Men.. If They Have All There Hair And A Hedge Fund That Isn't Dry.. And He Isn't Using Little Blue Pills..

One Day Sugar Daddy One Day...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Too Much Gay.

Not Looking So Good D&G Not Looking Good.

Thank Gawd This Is Not The Campaign And Just Catalogue...

P.S. Is Gap Tooth The Boy Lara Stone?

Cute Idea...With A Bad Movie.

PINK Paired With Pink Panther 2...

Cute Yes.. Better Movie We Wish...

Too Bad More Better Movies Could Work Together With Fashion.

Best Mash Up EVA!

I Can't Stop Hitting Play!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

WHAT Is Going On Downtown?

Andy Cooper... WHAT Are You Doing?


Hung Over?

Or Just OVER Excited Because You Get To Say The Jonas Brothers...

Who Knows...

Only Andy Knows..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Again...


It's Everyone's Fave Roommate/Bartender/Actor/Part Time Model Adam Senn...

In What Looks Like ANOTHER Dolce & Gabbana Ad Campaign.

Thank GAWD He Keeps Doing His Work For Free... That Way He Can Keep To His Real Job...

Which One Is That Again I Can't Keep Track.


Perfect Harmony

I Love Over The Top And I Love What Vogue Does Too...

NO They Didn't Need To Do A Bright Red Cover With Hearts They Just Shot A Simple Story About A Young Couple In Love...

Both Work But I Think Vogue Makes Us Feel It More...


Perfect Harmony
Ph. Mikael Jansson
Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful
Model: Agyness Deyn & her boyfriend Albert Hammond

Excuse You.

Pablo Contreras Of Re:Quest Models... What Are You Doing?

Givenchy SS09: Simon, Jakob Weichmann & Pablo by Inez & Vinoodh.

What Was Wrong With Solo Simon Nessman?

Thats What Givenchy Did Last Season...

UUGG Or Simon And Jakob...

BUT This Looks Horrid... AND What Is With All The Black And White? They Collection Showed Us Pinks... It Will Be Missed.

Lets Hope The Rest Of The Campaign Doesn't Feature Belching So Prominently...

WE <3!

Calvin Klein Collection SS09 : AJ Abualrub by David Sims

AJ Was A Finalist In The V-Man Model Search...

V Has A LOT Of Power When It Comes To Creating Models Careers Amanda Laine Won The Women's Model Search...

I Just Wish They Had Shot Both AJ & Dennis Johnson...

Who Opened - Closed The Spring Summer 2009 Collection...

"Dennis’ exclusive Calvin Klein where he opened and closed, marked him immediately as a model to watch. The cool blonde-ness, the cerulean eyes, the strong jawline mixed with the endearing freckles makes for a very distinctive kind of presence. We expect to see it highlighted in the glossiest of the glossy editorials and campaigns."

They Work So Well Together (see below)

Dennis IS In The New ckONE Fragrance Campaign But You Might Need A Magnifying Glass To Find Him....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday...

YOUR 43...

And STILL The FACE Of Versace...

Your Now In The Spring Summer AD Campaign...


Versace Woman Uses MODELS!

WHY CAN'T The Men Do The Same?

Gisele And Kate For Spring Summer And THIS For Men...

Before You It Was Jonathan Rhys Meyers And Then Tuki Brando...

Not To Mention What He Can And Can't Pull Off...

CAN'T Pull Off Summer...

They Put Him In The Heavy Dark Clothes, When Most Of The Collection Was Light, Color, And Sexy.

This Looks Like Cruse....

Here Are Some Of My FAVE Looks From The Collection That Will Never Get Sown In The AD Campaign...

Can You Imagine McDreamy In The Blue Smoke Vest?

I Don't Think So...



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