Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mmmm Summer....This Blog Didnt Feel Gay Enofugh Today Posted by Picasa

The Rest Are Very Racy! I Dont Know If You Will Like...I Will Make You Decide..... Posted by Picasa

The Best Part Of ALL Of This Is She Is On Her Way To Elton Johns Birthday! I Bet She Looked Better Than Him...She Is Very Shiny....And Apparenly Glitery Too On Her Boobs! Posted by Picasa

MMmmmm You Papapaprazzziiiii.....i LOOOOVVE You .. Posted by Picasa

She Looks Like She Is In A Movie...But No Its Just Those Damm Hired Paparazzi! Posted by Picasa

In Her Car SO Cranky But SEXY! Posted by Picasa

In To My CAR! Posted by Picasa

If She Could Make Her Dress Higher She Would.. Posted by Picasa

Ewwww She Indents Posted by Picasa

Mmmm Who Let Those Photographers In Here?! Oh Right ME! Posted by Picasa

Gawd She Is SO Dramatic....I Wish I Was Her! Posted by Picasa

Look I Wonder If She Can Read....... Posted by Picasa

uuuhhh Pull Up Your Pants! Posted by Picasa

Ahhhhhh Boys Of Summer! ahahaah! Posted by Picasa

BWAHAHA! Posted by Picasa

Ahhh Swiming Pool.... Posted by Picasa

Summer Is On Its Way.....MAKE WAY! Posted by Picasa


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