Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey Now

So Are We Gonna Kick It Friday Night?

Old School In The Hizza!

With My Peeps!

For Skizzle!

Any Gizzle, Coodle Chanizzle.

So Yesh Clammy What Are You Doing Friday Night?

Wanna Go To GAP And Use Your Friends And Family?

30% Off Sale And Other Stuff.

And If You Spend Over $75 You Get A Gift Card Worth $15!

Thats Good From December 15th Till January 31st.

So I Miss You Clam!

Devon Does TOO!

So Talk To ME!

Panda Out!

New Janet Jackson! Posted by Picasa

My New Fur HAT! Posted by Picasa

Thats Haley Joel Osment Of The Future Posted by Picasa

And I Can Take These Posted by Picasa

I Hope Shes Drinking It! Posted by Picasa

Juice! Posted by Picasa

Its All Fake Art Posted by Picasa

Its Fake Dont Worry Posted by Picasa

Humm For My Baby! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ICELAND PART TWO! Posted by Picasa

SEE IN SO STR8 I Cant Stop Looking At Her Man Boy Chest Boobies! Posted by Picasa

Soo Not Gay. That Wip Is For My Non-Man Lover. Posted by Picasa

See Im Not Gay. I Just Love Another Man. Because Im A Cow Boy Posted by Picasa

Jake In Vouge. Looking Str8 Talking About His Str8 Man On Man Love Story. Posted by Picasa

The New Poster For WALK THE LINE! Posted by Picasa

MADDOX! I HATE YOU! Posted by Picasa

Mrs.Griffin. Ummm...... Posted by Picasa

TARA! So Smrt! Posted by Picasa

Ho-Han Drunk? Posted by Picasa

HO-HAN (Lyndsay) Itchy? Posted by Picasa

Good ACTING! Posted by Picasa

JENSEN! Posted by Picasa

Funny Funny

Rember That Wig Lady From Wall Mart Post Thanks Givings Day Sale? Well The Story Is Famous. And Refrenced Here:

While other folks spent the holiday weekend getting the crap beat outta them at Wal-Mart (or, literally, losing their wigs in pursuit of bargains), I was trying to answer a question that had troubled me for years: what exactly is The Truth About Diamonds? Fortunately, Nicole Richie has "written" a book about this very topic. Nicole's main character in her novel is, guess who? Nicole Richie! Not only does she narrate the story herself, but her main character, Chloe Parker, bears an uncanny resemblance to Ms. Richie.

The Rest Is About The Truth About DIAMONDS!

Moodle Posted by Picasa

So Scarry Miller Posted by Picasa

Eyes Look The Same To Me Posted by Picasa


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