Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Super Best! Posted by Picasa

A Young Buck! Posted by Picasa

This Is The Cutiest! Posted by Picasa

He Was At The Good Company Premier! Posted by Picasa

Old Scool Posted by Picasa

So 80's Posted by Picasa

Black Pants Posted by Picasa

MMM Serenity! Posted by Picasa

With My Best Friend Posted by Picasa

Count Down To Serenity! Posted by Picasa

Hillary Today......... Posted by Picasa

Hillary Before Posted by Picasa

Hillary Duff!

Speaks Out About Fat People~

"Even though I spend an hour in the makeup chair before each show, that alone isn't going to make me look good, all the makeup in the world can't make up for poor nutrition. ... I have to stay fit and eat right because, hello! What goes inside is going to eventually show on the outside."

So Like Eat Right Like Me Hillary! And Buy My New Album Most Wanted!

Oh And Happy Birthday To Me I Just Turned 18!

Now Im Gonna Go Eat Some Veggies And Fruit!

"Because they love me as much as I love them!"

- Kisses, DUFF

Saturday, September 24, 2005

LOL Crazy missy

Yo, straight up Missy killed that shit tonight for real
I know I know, I don't even care about her being preganant by Michael Jackson
You know what we should do
We should go get her album when it come out
There she go, there she go, there she
Hiiiii Misssy
Hi Missy?
What's up fools?
You think I aint knowin yall broke Milli Vanilli
J.J. Fad wannabes aint over here gossiping bout me?
Yo how bout you buff these Pumas for 20 cents so your lights wont get cut off
You soggy breasts, cow stomachs
Yo take those baby GAP shirts off, too
You just mad cuz Payless ran out of plastic pumps for the after party
Yo by the way, go get my album


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Very mild and pH balanced

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Shape without form.
Shade without color.
Paralysed force.
Gesture without motion.

We are the hollow women... the stuffed women.
Violent souls... tortured spirits.
Our dried voices, when whispered together...
Are quiet and meaningless as wind in dry grass.
Remember us... for it is a new day.
A new dawn.
The time is now.

I'm Krysta.
Krysta Now.
Join us for an in depth discussion of the penetrating issues facing society today.
Issues like terrorism.
Civil rights.
Quantum teleportation.
Teen horniness.

For this... this is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
Not with a whimper... but with a bang.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Again She Is Good With Her Outerwear....Im Gonna Cloes This For Now...Their IS More LAMB To Come But It May Bee Too Much At Once..Ya Know Posted by Picasa

uumm yellow? Posted by Picasa

ummm yeah..... Posted by Picasa

Kawi Coat Posted by Picasa

Can You See Your Inspiration In My Latest Collection? Posted by Picasa

I Like This One.... Posted by Picasa

Those Pants...Ummm Posted by Picasa

I Like The Coat....But Those Hats.... Posted by Picasa

Classic Gwen Posted by Picasa

I like the boots....i thinl Posted by Picasa

uumm i like her hair Posted by Picasa

Umm that hat is greattt Posted by Picasa


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