Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Your GIFT! Posted by Hello

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Kalen Porter

UUGG He Is On Much Right Now Its Lame He Kinda Looks Like A Clone Of Kelly Clarkson Gone Horribly Wrong. I Havent Done Anything All Day Im So Bored, I Have A Jeans Meeting Soon Thats Gonna Be SO Much Fun Puke Puke Puke. GAWD They Only Thing That Keeps Me Going Is The Money The Small Small Amounts Of Money. His Song Is So Long Why Is It So Long. Not As Long As Eletric Youthg What The Hell How Does Devon Know These UnKnown People. GAWD Devon And Sharah Are Annoying Its Much Comes Out They Played 50 Cent One Secon Ago Its Like YES Gay Men LOVE 50 Cent. Maybeee Lezbos. The Woman But Not 50 And All The Lezies Wanted To Date Angelina I Wonder WHY. One Guy Said Tom Cruise I Lafughed.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Beck Posted by Hello

Love, Jake! Posted by Hello

JAKE  Posted by Hello

He Went To Paris This Is A Photo From His Blog Posted by Hello

His Name Is Paris? Posted by Hello

Typical Diner In Paris Posted by Hello

American Girl In Paris Part Deux Posted by Hello

Carrrie In Paris  Posted by Hello

Big In Paris Posted by Hello

Girl In Paris Posted by Hello

The Little Clam

One Day Their Was A Little Clam Who Sat At Home And Worried About Everything And She Got So Upset She Made A Pear! So See What You Can Accomplish! NOT You Have To Be Cool And Calm Like A CLAM. Play It Cool Boy! Cool Get Cool! Chill LAX Man You Have Nothing To Be Fretting About You Know Your Amazing At School And You Allways Will Be You Know Everyone Will Show Like They Always Do. And Then You Get To Abandon Me And Go To Fabulious Europe So Who Gets The Short End Of The Stick!? PANDA He Dosent Get To See His Best Clam For Ever And His Parents Cancled His San Fran Sisco Trip! Apparently A Road Trip To Whistler And Pantictin Is Better! So You Know You Amazing And Every One Loves You And They Wouldnt Imagine Not Showing Up Unless Like Their Mothers Died And You Get To See EWAN!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Rain

I love The Rain Like This Is Amazing Like The Movies! I Hope Its Like This Tomorrow!


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