Monday, May 30, 2005

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The Worst For Last Posted by Hello

It Looks 100% Fake Posted by Hello

OOH PIE Posted by Hello

Look @ Nacy She Ruins Everything Posted by Hello

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

UUMM The Girls Posted by Hello

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What Is More BLONE? Posted by Hello

Platinum Blonde Life

So I Was Watching The Super Trivial Much Top Ten And It Was Terrible!


10: Avril Larvine (played a non blonde video)
9: Eminem (bombshell?)
8: Duff (uugg)
7: Ciara (BLONDE?)
6: Marrriahhh (BLONDE?)
4: Agulera (It Was Black And Blonde)
3: Timberlake (he's Blad)
2: Spears (The Toxic Video)
1: GWEN (thats I Guess True The Hottest Blonde Today)

And The Ones That Didnt Make The List:
Kalen Porter, Jessica Simpson, Jessie Macartney, Jakalope, Hot Hot Heat And Some Canadian Piano Chick.....

So Most Of The Peple Were Either Burnete Or Male.......

UUGG Candain Music

Monday, May 23, 2005

Good Sex

Ah Sex And The City Un-cut Is The Only Way To Watch Sex And The City.

It Was So Good I Wish I Was A Woman From Sex And The City To Be So Strong And Sexual And Just Cultured.

They Know Everything From Style To Sex To Relationships To NY To Everything Everything I Want To Know But Havent Learned Yet.

One Day I Have To Move To New York I Cant Not. I Just Know I Want To And Just Have To.

So Im All Sex And NY Out I Get All My Fixes, Style, City, Sex, The Show Is Just Amazing Sometimes It Can Just Lift You Up And Make You Feel Like You Could Be One Of Them....Just Without The Money Looks Style And Location

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Looks Like A FAT Richard Modle Posted by Hello

One THOUSAND Dollars Posted by Hello

XXX Posted by Hello

Gucci's Girls Posted by Hello

Noodle Posted by Hello

G-unit Posted by Hello


Gan In Pacific Center Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Land Of The Lumps

in all the land their lives a group of lumps, and their was a level of lumps

the bottom was the leemur looking lump he was the most lummpy

then their was the panda lump

then their was the octy lump

finaly their was the clam lump

the land was lumpy and slow and silly

the lumps moved a bit when one moved they all moved

and sometimes you cannot force a lump to move they move on their own terms

lumps are a difficult bunch but they are the best lumps in my life ever

Gap Is A WOLE Lot Of Slutt

So Yeah I HATE Gap Dunno Why Yet But I Will SOON

Monday, May 09, 2005

Jungle Babay

Ever Wish you never had parents? That you were just raised in the jungel? I do right now i wish i never had to think about the future or 5 years or money or jobs or anything that i am supose to or should be thinking about. or i just wish i was truly alone so i had no one to think about or anyone to worry about.

im so tired i feel like nothing is ever gonna change, its like im gonna be here for ever unless i do something dramatic, but i just cant think of what i need to do. i want to leave everything behind sometimes just leave it all behind start all over again somwhere new where no one knows me.

if i ever do leave dont come find me , just know that some where i am ok and im finaly happy.

Nobodys Home

I Want To Go Home!

But No One Is HOME

Now I LYE Broken Insidie

So Yesh The LAMB Is Off To OZ, And I Am Off Soon To Get My Criminal Check.

And To Buy Binders And Folders And Dividers to Organize My Room!

I Have Nothing To Do Today And Then I Work Tomorrow And So On

So Boredem Is In MEE........

The Bored Panda

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Lemur Wont LEAVE

The Lemur Is Here And He Never Leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death To All Leemurs~!

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Yeah Rember The Old Days Of Alias And So On? When Did It Get Soo Odd? When Did The Party End And This Begin? Will We Ever Go Back Again?


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