Thursday, April 28, 2005


I just read The Most WONDERFUL Blog LOL NOT.........

It Was FILLED With Self Gluttony And SO On Unlike Any Other Blog I Have Ever Read!

I Dunno I Just Got Me Wanting To Post Again And I Do Post More Than Once A Month So I Allready Beat Em All.

The Octopus Let Us Down, The Lemur Went Away, Here We Stand Together Alone, United And Stranded, Afraid To Move Forward And Too Late To Move Back, Can Two Stay As One, How Soon Will We Fall, Will The Peices Ever Come Back Together?

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Sex, the city and you
Just like the women of "Sex and the City," you take risks and are interested in trying new things -- even if your experiments backfire now and then. Your friends like to call you for tips on new restaurants and skincare products. People in this category make good executives, and they usually play the lead role in any relationship. Here's a Zen koan for you: Sunscreen is the best skincare.

What's in your medicine cabinet? Find out now!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Vancouver In Fall Posted by Hello

So Like Me

You Know Me Possibly The Best If Not Better Than My Self. And Its Like Me To Tell My Self I Hate Something To Hide The Truth That I May Actuly Be Ready To Let Something New Into My Life. Take Now Vancouver Into That, I Totaly Thought I Hated It Here But Now I Know Its Over I Cant Help Feeling Like Their Is SO Much More To Do See Explore Here That I Havent Had Time To Do Yet. I Will Miss This City And I Will Miss School And I Will Miss A Section Of The People. I Know I May Be Hard To Believe But I Think Its True. I Just Dont Know What To Do After The Summer Im So Lost And Confused And Just So Sick Of This Need To Do Somehting But Have No Idea Of What Direction To Go To. I Think I May Have Found A Part Of My Life Here That Isnt Finished And Needs To Be Continued. I Feel Like This Isnt Going To Be The Longets Ive Stayed Here I Hope Their Is Much More To Come In The Future. I Just Am Not Ready To Go I Havent Seen It All And Its All Still So New. So I Think Its Not The End Just To Be Continued. For Now I Will See How I Feel When I Am Back Home And Have To Make Up My Mind.

How Is It That A Gwen Song Can Always Sum Up How I Feel?

Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
And I can't believe I've had this chance now
Don't let it go away

New, you're so new
You, you're new
And I never had this taste in the past
New, you're so new

My normal hesitation is gone
And I really gravitate to your will
Are you here to fetch me out?'
Cause I've never had this taste in my mouth

Youâre not old
And youâre not familiar
Recently discovered and I'm learning about you

New, you're so new
You, youâre new

And you're consuming me violently
And your reverence shamelessly tempting me
Who sent this maniac?
'Cause I never had this taste in the past

You're different, you're different from the former
Like a fresh battery I'm energized by you

Why am I so curious?

This territory is dangerous
I'll probably end up at the start
I'll be back in line with my broken heart

New, you're so new
You, you're new
And I never had this taste in the past

And I canât believe it
Can't believe it
Can't believe it
Can't believe it

Don't let it go away, this feeling has got to stay
Don't let it go away

Sunday, April 17, 2005

MR 2 XIST Posted by Hello

JERMEY BLOOM! Posted by Hello

A LITTLE TOO RISKY? Posted by Hello

SEXY SLUTY Posted by Hello

SLUTY BOY BLUE....BUT RED.....SLUT Posted by Hello

MR.SLUTTY Posted by Hello

Look Its Mr.Reese WitherSpoooon! HIS SPOON IS TOO BIG!  Posted by Hello

Look Its A Party! Everyone Is Here! Heatherette Anerson And Jake! Posted by Hello

Han Maru

So Han Maru How Are You!?

You Seem Fine With You Subway And Your Gennie

And Your Little Coco Too

So Yeah Here Again Feels Like For Ever

But Only Three Days To Go

So Yeah Talk To You All Later!


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Music Days

Today I Bought The OC Mix 4. Its Realy Good Other Than The Art Work, Its Supose To Look Like Seths Desk With Lots Of Drawings All Round, Summer Is This Kinked Out Bat Girl, Marissa Is A Drunk Wonder Woman Ryan Looks Like A Gay Club Icon And Seth Just Looks Like Seth. And The Whole Thing Went Way To Far With The Sketch Book Look. Any Whoo My E-Mail Is Acting Odd Or Its Just People My Dad Was Supose To E-Mail Me These Photos And I Never Got Them And So On. Today Was Such A Waste Of A Day Nothing Happend. I Hate The Rain, It Felt Like Summer Was Here But Now Its Raning All Over Again, Its Supose To Be Spring. April Showers Fay In Mlowers? Some Thing Like That Any Whoo I Dont Like The Rain. I Miss The Summer Sun And The Lazy Do Nothing Days So Much. Any Whoo See You Friday Night? Unless Your Schedule Has Changed Again. Any Who Good Bye Bat.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

ITS YOU BATZ MARU Posted by Hello


So The Boat Ride Home Was Filled With Teenage MEN!

Their Was:

One Ruby Team

One Soccor Team

Two Volleyball Teams

And A Few Basketball/Baseball Teams I Couldnt Tell

And Other Various Hot Gay Men

It Was Hot For A While But Then They Got All Jockular Annoying And It Killed My Fun

Any Whoo Thought You Would LOVE That Story

Talk To The Clam Later



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