Saturday, March 19, 2005

More Options

Here Is The One I Bought

See Butch, But No LAMB



Hey Hey Hey Ok Here Is The LAMB Bag I May Buy And Wear.........


And Their Both The Same Size

Now My New Man Bag Is Black And Leather And Is Butch Looking And Just A Bit Bigger

So Tell Me What You Think Devon Says NO And Landon Says Maybee

I Will Buy The LAMB And Return The Other One If I Choose The LAMB

This One Was Beautiful Too

Ok Tell Me What You Think!

Love PANDy


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bad News For People Who Hate Good News

So Clam Here We Are Again, The Weekend I Can't Come Home!

I Have Stupid Meeting Tomorrow, Friday, And Sunday!

I Also Have To Get The Actors To Show Up On The Weekend And take Photos Of Them For Props When My Job Isnt Props.

So The Actors Who Get Called For Auditions And Dont Show Up Are Supose To On Their Weekend Show Up And Have Their Photos Taken This Isnt Going To Happen I Know That But My Director Wants These Photos By Mondy So They Can Be On The Set.

So I Will Proboaly Spend Saturday Sitting Somewhere Waiting For Actors To Show Up And They Wont And Then My Director Will Hate Me.

Then I Have To Stay Here For Meetings That Usualy Last About Half An Hour, But It Takes Me And Hour To Get Their, So My Whole Weekend Is Goona Be SO Lame And SO Boring It Makes Me Wanna Cry.

And Then Other Than Prop Fotos I Need Like Publicity Stills Of The Cast In Wardrobe And Make Up But I Can Only Shoot Those While Filming. If I Dont Get Those Done I Can So See Me Spending The Easter Long Weekend Taking Those Photos.

The Next Week Is Post But I Dont Have A Job But As Publicity The Two People Me And This Girl Need To Compile Write Ups On The Show Actors Director And Writer, And Get Giant Photos Of Cast And Crew Ready For A Press Kit. So We Will Spend That Week Working On That, And Some How I Have To Get A 18 Inch By 30 Inch Poster Made Up.

Then After Post We Have A Week Off So Maybe I Will Be Home, But Now It Dosent Look Like It, I Have One Class I Have To Keep Going To Each Week And That Sucks Because I Could Have Like A Whole Week Off But I Have To Be Here Monday 130 - 400

So I Hope Your Working This Weekend CLAM

Im SO Sorry This Weekend Sucked And Now Im Not Home AGAIN And I Miss You And Love You And Hope To See You Again One Day

Love The PANDA

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Already Miss You

So Clam Here We Are Like Before, Where Have You Gone To My Clam?

I Miss You This Weekend Wasent 100% Clam.

So How Was Nickky She Wasent As Bad As Ususal Was She?

I Hope You Didnt Have A Terrible Time.

So Any News On This Spring Break Vancouver Trip Because I Dont Know When The Kids Have Spring Break And I Need To Know So I Can See If My Schedule Fits, Because Next Week I Will Be Filming Every Day For 8 Hours So That Wouldnt Work Out But I Do Have The Next Two Weeks Off Kind Of.

So Please Contact Me Back Clam!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Imagine Posted by Hello

Bi Polar Day

So Today Was The Usual Ups And Downs.

The People Got To Me So Did Classes.

I Tryed To Finish A Project But Got So Close And The I Had No More Time.

I Felt Realy Sad On The Bus And Didnt Talk To Any One I Felt Like Avril Larvine. I Wanted To Sing Nobody's Home And Cry And Make My Mascara Run And Put Shoes In A Bag And De Tangle My Frizzy Hair But I Didnt Have Any Props.

Clark As Insulting Me As Usual But My Music Was So Loud I Actully Couldnt Hear Him And Ignored Him. This Of Course Pissed Him Off And Caused Him To Sprint Two Block Ahead Of Me And Look Back Like A Paranoid Android Every 5 Seconds.

The Air Was Cold But I Was Calm Finaly Not In A Hot Flash. The Air Was Misty And I Lafughed When People Ran By In Unbrellass.

Bruce Was Good To Me Filling My Head With Sudeo Fell Good Songs That Made Me Walk Much Slower Just Apreciating The People On The Street And The Trees In Bloom And The Mist On My Face.

I Felt Like A Movie Of A Gap Ad. I Was Happy And Just Content With Life, People Looked At Me Because I Had Hope And Life In My Eyes. I Was Calm And Slow I Wasent In A Rush. I Smiled As People Pushed Themselves Past Me Sprinting Down The Street.

I Missed Home And My Family. I Hope I Dont Have To Stay Here Too Much Longer. I Already Plan To Skip Class Thursday To Finish My Project Early And Come Home As Soon As Possible.

I Also Want To Run Down Town Quickly To Pick Up One Last Thing. Its A James Dean Photo I Bought One This Weekend Its An Actual Photo Glossy Balck And White And Their Is One Where He Is In These TIGHT Jeans And He Is Pointing His Ass At The Camera And They Are Only 3 Dollars Each I May Buy Two And Frame The Three.

Like Before Im Going To Burn Two Copies Of My Project So You Can All See One. Its Not Gonna Look That Great Because Transerfing It Makes It SO Blurry And I Was Rushed I Would Love To Do This Stuff On My Own Time With No Mark Critera And Deadline. I Have To Change Alot As It Is Because I Dont Meet Critera.

I Bought This Huge Frame Its Amazing It Was Only 30 Dollars Which Sounds Like Alot But When You See It You Will Love It. I Want My Dad To Start Making Them. We Went To This Store Called Obsessions And All It Was Was AWSOME Frames I Loved Them All And With All The Photos I Take I Would Use Them Too.

Their Was This Other Store That Just Sold Cupcakes It Was SO Amzing Better Looking Than Any Other Fancy Cake Store Ive Seen On TV It Was Very New York. We Have To Go Get A Cup Cake And Eat It On Kits Beach As The Sun Sets.

God I Wish I Could Stay Here With All Of You Here In A Huge Loft With No Jobs And Tons Of Money And Nothing But Time. We Would Spend The Day On The Beach After Noons In The Trendy Resturants. Go Out For The Night Life Then In The Middle Of The Morning Sweaty Hair Messy Yesterdays Make Up Crawl Into A Dingy Gheto Pizza Ria And Eat Slices Of Pizza For 93 Cents. While We Hit On The Son Of The Owner Making Fresh Dow With The Smell That Enters The Streets As Morning Breaks And We Walk Out To Sart An New Day.

Hit The Sample Sales In The Industry Blocks Walk Into A Greasy Spoon Diner For Coffie Over Dressed. Fall Asleep On Each Other On The Bus Missing Our Connection Having To Take Of Our Shoes And Walk Home. The Walking Down The Beach Mid After Noon After A Cat Nap. Taking In An Art Show. A Forein Movie. Going To The Museum. China Town. Gawd Their Is So Much To Do Here But No One To Do It All With And No Money And No Time.

To Spend One Day In The City Without A Worry Or A Concern, No Times To Be Home Or In Bed, No Worry Of Money, No Complaints Just Lazy Summer City Bliss One Day.

To Lay On The Beach Lift Your Self Up As The Sun Hits Your Face At The Perfect Time To Hit The Side Of Your Glasses That Causes A Twinkle Flare In The Corner Of The Eye Of The Totaly Hot Guy Checking You Out. The To Casuly Lif Yourself Up Abandoning Your Towle Your Shoes Your Everything And Just Slowly Graceful Walking Down To The Shore And Letting The Surf Slowly Hit Your Feet As You Lift You Head To The Sun And Take Everything Around You Inside.

The World Stops For One Second To Look At You The Only One Brave Enofugh To Go In The Water As The Sun Slides Under It. They Admire Your Braveness To Stand Alone Against The Side Of The World Letting It Swollow You And Dive Off The End. They Wish For One Second That They Could Let Go Of Life For Only A Fraction Of A Second And Want To Live The Way You Do For Just One Moment. The City Consumes Them Again And They Continue The World Cannot Spare Another Second Too Admire Your Beauty And Strenght.

You Still Stand At The Edge Of The World Consumed With It Not Them.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I Miss Home

Dont Get Me Wrong I Did Have Fun And I Do Like Vancouver. Shopping Was So Much Fun And I Spent SO Much Money Mostly On Underwear.

But The Whole Time I Was Like This Would Be SO Much Fun With The Broken Hearts Club!

I Want To Do Everything Again With The Real Gang.

I Wanna Take You All Shopping On Robson And Granvile.

I Wanna Eat Out On Commercail. I Want To Abandoned Grace In China Town.

I Want To Fight Over Food And Where To Eat.

The Weekend Was Fun But Their Was Silences And Luls In The Fun. But I Knew If It Was You Guys It Would Be 100% Fun. We Would Fight But It Would Be Stupid And Argue Over Where To Eat But You Guys Wouldnt Act Like Snobs And Refuse To Eat 93 Cent Pizza.

The Whole Time I Was Like I Whis They Were Here Imagine How Crazy It Would Be Doing This. And I Was Alwasy Talking About You Guys.

I Miss Home Every Night I Wanted To Come Home To My House. And Now That Its All Over I Feel Like I Should Be Home But I Still Have Another Week And Im Going To Miss You Soo Much Untill I Get Home.

I Wish You Were All Here With Me. We Rented Videos One Night And Im Like Oh The Broken Hearts Club Would Wanna Watch This One With Me.

I Miss You And Bought You More Things From This Other Store. I Miss You And Love You So Much Clamidy!

Love The Panda


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