Monday, February 28, 2005




Hello Their My FAVORITE Sandwich Artist.


School Was Boring And Stupid As Usual So I Wanna Hear All Bout Your Day Creating Sandwiches!

Did You Actuly Touch Meat?

Did You Eat Lunch At Subway?

Did You Give Away Stamps?

Can I Use Stamps Of Diffrent Colors?

Can You Steal Me Extra Stamps?

I Miss YOU So Much I Dont Know What Im Going To Do This Weekend With Out You!

This IS Like The First Weekend I Havent Seen You. I Will Truly Miss You...Maybee I Will Buy You A Souveneer...From My Weekend...I Miss You And Im Sorry Im Here I Dont Want You To Be Mad At Me For Leaving You. I Know You Say You Wont Miss Me But I Hope You Are Only Joking....And You Miss Mee Too.Because I Will Think About You All This Weekend And Miss You All!

I Love You All!


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ha ha Look At Him....Sucker Posted by Hello


So I Was Waiting For The Boat And I Was Listening To Bruce And I Skipped The Song. THEN BRUCE FROZE.....So I Thought Oh Shit And I Phoned Dad And Asked Him To Look Into How To Fix And I-Pod That Has Frozen. When I Got Here He Had E-Mailed Me Instructions On How To UN-Freez And I-Pod. It Didnt Work And He Said They May Have To Send The I-Pod In And Remove The Harddrive And I Woud Have Lost All 1026 Songs. But Then I Did A Seach Thinking Their Would Be More Than One Way To Fix It....And I Found A Link To The Same Instructions My Dad Gave Me....But I Didnt Even Realize That The Instructions Were For A Diffrent Model...So I Tryed The Other Instructions And It Worked The First Time Around. Now Bruce And I Are Happy Again.

Things I Forgot At Home:
Hair Products, One For Color Stay And One For Hold.
Four Page Screen Play Assignment.

Gawd I Wanna Die.

L8er Sk8er

Monday, February 21, 2005

Mr.Hugo Boss Posted by Hello

Hey Hey Hey

So Yesh Today Was A Good Day, I Got A COAT TWO Shoes And One Pair Of Supenders! All For 14.99 Ish! I Was So Much Fun!

And Now I Plan On Buying More Summer/Spring Clothes! I Need Shoes (Real Ones) Shorts, Pants (jeans) And Polos And Tees! Now To Con Jonny And K Into Giving My Clothes Money! And The We SHOP SHOP SHOP!

And At The End Of The Month Im Gonna Order Tom Ford Online!

Oh Happy Days, Im So Alone But My Clothes Kan Keep Me Company Untill Death!

So Yeah Me Lonley Need Shopping!

Monday, February 14, 2005

A Little Cheer In My Day Posted by Hello


So Yeah Filming Today Went As Well As I Thought I Would.

So In The Begining When They Were Handing Out Jobs I Just Said NOTHING Technical Or Like Hands On. And I Thought I Was Art Driector/Costumes.

But Then I Found Out That Their Was No Costumes Position, So I Just Like Thought I Will Take Up What Ever Job Hasent Been Filled. So Like Then The Weeks Went On And People Continued To Miss Meetings And EveryOne Was Like What Do You Want To Do And I Said I Dont Know What Evers Left. Then Like One Day When I Didnt Know What My Job Was In Class Everyone Played Around With The Equpiment And I Was A Seudo Actor And Others Learned How To Mix Sound, And Im Like I Will NEVER Have To Know That.

Then Finaly They Are Like Stephen Is Sound Mixer. And Im Like I Have NO Idea How To Do That And Everyone Was Fine With That.

Then Today Filming I Was Like Some One Help Me And My Boomb Op Didnt Know How To Set It Up So The Ligter Had To Set It Up. The Like NOTHING Was Working And They Sent Me To Go See The Cranky Smelly Man Who Like Gives The Equipment Away. So It Tuns Out I Put The Batteires In Wrong And He Was Terrible, He Was Like So Your Telling Me You Dont Know How To Do Your Job And You Come Here So I Can Save Your Ass. He Is Like Didnt You Learn This In Class? I Said No, Because He Never Taught It To Every One Just Those Who Wanted To Learn It, And He Actuly Said We Could Go Home If We Had No Interest In Anything Being Taught. And Im Like No We Didnt Learn It, And He Is Like Then Why Did DAVE Singn Out 10 Sound Mixers? Im Like Well I Never Learned Them, And He IS Like WHY Wouldnt You Learn How To Do Your Job, And Them Im Just LIke Because I Didnt Have The Job Before The Lession....And He Just Ignored Me.

SO Then It Didnt Work Again, And We Went Back And He Re Ajusted The Settings, And I Think They Were Worng When He Set Them The First Time.

So Then The Equipment Still Didnt Work 100% And I Couldnt Do My Job.

Then We Finished Early Because Every One Had To Go To Work And Like The Camera Man Is Like I Have To Be At Work So The Rest Of Us Had To Return The Equipment. And Then The Studio Was Locked And We Thought They Left And Were Coming Back At 7 So We Wated An HOUR Outside The Studio And Some One Told Us That They Left And Just To Lock The Stuff In The Room, Which We Had A Chance To Do An HOUR Earlyer, We Were Just Like Oh They Bitched Us Out For Getting The Equpiment"EARLY" So They Proboaly Will Wait Untill The End.

So This Isnt The Full Story And It Dosent Make Sense At All

Just Thought Id Share

Monday, February 07, 2005

H To The LLO!

Hey Hey GAY, Its S-Co. So Yeah This Weekend Was More Productive Than Most, And The Usual. Down Town, Mall, Movies, Fights With The Twins. Ahh Home What I Miss So Much. So Yeah Back In The V-Town Hope This Goes Faster Than Its Goin. Only Like 10 Weekes Left, Thats Kinda Short. Well Considering Weeks Are Only 3 And A Half Days Long It Could Be Worse, I Could Be Going To Real School IUE. So Yeah Summer Lovin Cant Wait.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005



So I Hear Through The Noddle Vine, That You Cleaned Out Your Locker. She Says She Misses You And SO Do I... I Worry About My Little Clam All Stressed Out. I Hope You Get Your Film Done And It Will Be Perfect. And I Hope You Will Get 100%. So Yeah Gucci Still Hasent Said Any Thing About Plans And Reservations. So Yeah Its Gonna Be Me And You And Devon And Grace Again Probolay. But I Still Want To See You And I Still Miss You Lots.... I Wanna Go Down Town I Need To Got To Value Village With You I Havent Been Forever.....I Need New Spring Clothes....New Me For The New Year!

Any Whoo Talk To Me Now!

Good Bye To You Clam!

MR.Fitch Posted by Hello


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