Monday, January 24, 2005

The TRIPLETS Of Bell View! Posted by Hello

Another Tale From The City

I Went Back To The Emrald City, This Time To Granvile Stree. I Went Shopping For My Moma. I Got Her Something Lame From Resteration Hardware. Then I Walked Down Davie Street. Geting No Looks, I Was Wearing My Beaten Up Denim Coat With My Greay Hoodie Underneath I Was Going For A Layered Hobo Punk Chic Look I Think I Only Pulled Of Hobo. It Was Fun Just Knowing You Look The Way You Do And To Just Fly Under The Radar. I Spent The Whole Day Under The Radar. Then I Bought Panties. Then I Went Back To Robson And Pased Bang On And Didnt Go In Because I Wasent Plaing On Buying Anything So It Would Just Look Lame. I Also Didnt See Him So I Just Didnt Bother. They Lavers Were Also Catching Up With Me And I Was Becoming Hot Again. Then I Went Home. Another Un Glamour Dull Dry Story From The City.

Love Conway

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Its PIE!  Posted by Hello

Mona Lisa

I See You Looking At Me Like Im Some Kinda Freak Get Up Out Of Your Seat Why Dont You Do Something?
I See You Looking At Me Like I Got What You Need Get Up Out Of Your Seat Why Dont You Do Something?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Look Ist Josh Duhamel AKA Tad Hamilton! Posted by Hello


I Didnt Phone Because I Left Around Four O Clock.

I May Also Have Been Too Busy Watching Harpo With Nate Being Interviewed About The Tusnami.

So Yeah She Kouldnt Say They Were Friends She Only Used The Term Partner. But Their Was One Photo Of Them Almost Kissing So She Wasent Like Totaly Avoiding The Truth.

I Miss You And Want To Come Home.....Can You Even Hang Out This Weekend?

I Also Have Some Home Work Wich Sucks And Alot Of Projects Sneeking Up On Me This Semester Is Alot Harder Than The First Already.

So I Miss You Again And Hope To See You Soon.

Love The PANDA

Monday, January 17, 2005

Listen Up! Posted by Hello

Hello........I HATE VAN

HUMM I Miss You All So Much!

I Hate Here But Am Getting So Tired Of Comming Home......It Costs So Much And Takes A Long Time And With A Short Weekend I Have So Little Time Home.

Im So Torn....Either Stay Here For Four Days With Nothing To Do Other Than Sit In My Room And Cry Or Come Home For Two Full Days And Two Half Days.....

I Dont Know What To Do ...... This Year Isnt Going Fast Enofugh.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Ok So Today We Had Half A Day So We Decided To Go Down Town To Go Shopping. We Went To Bang On And Their Was A Hot Guy Working, Like Usual. And I Was Flipping Through The Books When He Came Up And Asked If I Needed Help No Big Deal Right. Then I Was Asking About How Much Letters Cost Because I Had To Make My Friend Who Was With Me A Shirt. Then When He Answered He Took Off One Of His Shirts Lifting Off The One Below It Exosing His Chest. I Thought Nothing Much Of It Other Than Humm This Looks Like A Porno. The The Person Who I Bought The Shirt For Took For Ever To Choose A Tee. Then When He Was Working On The Iron Press His Shirt Was High And Pants Low, And I Could See He Was Weraing Hugo Boss Boxer Briefs. Then I Said Kinda Loudly I Guesse To Tim, Im Like Do You Have A Camera? And He Said Why. Then I Said So We Can Take A Photo Of The Mans Midrift. Then He Turned And Looked At Me.....

Then We Lafughed It Off. Them Tim Aseked If I Wanted His Number And Im Just Like LOL Funny......

Ingnoring It Kinda...

Then The Girl Finaly Picke Out The Tee, And Then I Had To Pay For It...Then When He Was Putting My Debit Through He Said Something Like Your Finaly Free You Can Come Backin In 15min And It Will Be Done.....

Of Course I Was Complaning That She Was Taking Too Long....

Then He Handed Me The ATM Thingy And Our Eyes Connected And He Said Have A Good Day Or Something But It Was Sexy....

And When I He Gave Me My Reciet He Touched My Hand.....It Was Something

Then We Came Back And He Was With A Coustomer And Was Busy But Looked At Us Like He Wanted To Talk To Me...

Or Something....

Ok It May Sound Like Im Making A Big Deal About This And I Hadent Given It Much Thought Till I Got Home And Looked At My Horiscope......And Perviously On The Sea Bus Over We Were Talking About Horisopes And If We Beleived Them And The All Said I Was An Uber Scorpio...

Ok So My Horisope Said................

Opportunities to meet new lovers will I come through pleasure trips or social events. A new relationship can be yours if you get out with friends. Don't let your emotional partner upset you today.

And Now Im Like Oh My God What Have I Done............Could I Have Possibly Passed Up Something?

Its All A Perfect Match Except The Last Part......But I Miss Home And My Parents And Feel Bad About Not Being Able To Come Home Untill Thursday. So That Could Kinda Fit But The First Part Like Took My Breath Away......

Then Again The Guy Could Have Just Been Flirting With Me Cuz He Did Hear Me And Just Wanted Me To Buy More Clothes......I Doo Feel Like Going Back TONIGHT!

Oh I Dont Know What To Think......Am I Reading Too Much Into This All....Am I Just Overreacting, Because Im So Desperate?

I Dont Know If I Would Have Even Had A Chance.......Proboaly Not....Its All Just Hopes And Dreams....And What Ifs......

Oh Well Its Just Another Story From The City, I Felt Good About Living Here For Once Today, Because Its Like Meeting A Stranger Flirting A Bit And Knowing You Will Probolay Never See Them Again, But The Fact That Their Could Have Been A Small Connection In The Big Busy World, I Dont Know I Felt Very Sex And The City Except We Didnt Have Sex, Its Just The Idea That The City Could Be Better Than I Thought, And Its Looking Better, I Felt Urban Today. I Looked Good, And Felt Better, We Ate Pizza By The Slice Like Sex And The City, It Was Just A Good City Experience......

I Hope I Can Have Another Soon, Before I Leave For Good................

I May Camp Outside Bang On Untill I Die.

Or Just Search For Another Momentary Connection.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

HOLLA! Posted by Hello

The Fickle Clam

Oh Clams Can Be Quite The Chalenge, Needy, Whiney, Tempermental. They Are Allergic To Coco Yet Own Cats Named Coco. They Are Alergic To Animals as well. They Also Dont Like Dogs Named Mikey Because They Think They Are Fat And Needy. Oh To Have A Clam In Your Life Can Be The Challenge, Like When They Want A Diet Pepsi. But To Have A Clam Is Better Than A Noodle And A Gucci. But I Would Never Give My Clam Away Or Trade Her For Another Clam. I Wouldnt Have Her Any Other Way.

The Clam Shal Live Forever!

S-Co Out.

Any Whoo If You Were Going To You Proboaly Wereent DONT See Troy Its Terrible...

Any Whoo Sweet Dreams Clams Alike.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sin City

BHWAH I Cant Stop Watching The Sin City Trailer It Looks Amazing! BWAHHAH! Humm I May Buy All The Books Before The Movie Comes Out So I Can be All Like They Totaly Didnt Follow The Story Line Bla Bla Bla....Its Gonna Be Awsome Wicked Sweet.. Any Whoo Im Gonna Go Buy Sin City Humm Maybee I Will

S Co Out

Hang In Their Clam!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Does This Help My Clam? It May Not....ENJOY! :) Posted by Hello

I Found This I Liked It Hope You Do Too.  Posted by Hello

SO Bored

Ok So Like Everyone Is Back In School And It Sucks So Much. I Miss My Friends And It Sucks Because Im Home And No One Is Here With Me. The Thing Happening Tomorrow Is Alias Season Four Premeir That Will Be The Highlight Of My Week. It Looks So Good Except The Music Used, Its All Lenny Lady. Then I Was In Gap And They Were Playing The Song It Was So Weird And SO Lame. Its So Funny How Everyone Is Over Reacting About The "Sudden Cold Snap" Its Like Just Zero, When Like Ontario Is Battling Minus 40. UUGG I May Have To Snow Blow The Drivway If It Snows... UUGG I Hate Being Alone With Karen Such A Dictator. Like The Soviets.. Any Whoo Bored Now Gonna Bo Watch Tv...TV Sucks Too


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