Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thom Evans for D.HEDRAL Spring Summer 2013

Thom Evans for D.HEDRAL Spring Summer 2013 by Daniel Jaems.

Thom was a sporty man who played pro-rugby but now he takes his clothes off for money… and also is an aspiring actor.

He said this about running around in briefs and speedos…

"I'm excited to be fronting my first fashion campaign since signing with Select Models last year and am really enjoying the challenges that modelling and acting brings. Similar to being a sportsman, the industry demands discipline and structure. You get out what you put in.”"

AKA they paid for an all expenses trip to Greece.

The big deal with these, other than being sheer in the front, is the ass is structured to give more lift and support apparently… blah blah no one cares they are just looking at Tom's junk. 

Any who congrats to Tom and his package! Next season I can cast a model for you and you can fly me out to Greece, okay? OKAY!

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Anonymous said...

Aaron O' Connell did it better.


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