Friday, December 14, 2012

Raul & Haydem Guerra for Client

Raul & Haydem Guerra for Client by Aitor Santome.

This is barely borderline twincest, yet again.

Why fashion, why?

I'm also not sure why it then goes down the Matador route…

SO love it or hate it? It could always use more partial ass cheek shots!

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Anonymous said...

Photographers are SO boring when they get a hold of twins! Some will go to all lengths when they have a model and a mirror, or dual images via a photoshop program, but when there's an actual mirror image right there the first thought is indeed twincest!
OTOH, they are kinda hot. (Yeah, I'm shallow.)

Stephen Conway said...

Yes hot. But yeah something weird happens when people see twins, it's like the hotness levels go up. The industry has a few sets that would just be average looking at best but have niche a market because they are twins.


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