Thursday, October 04, 2012

Paris Hilton & River Viiperi

The Conway has been trying to ignore this for a while now but it seems unavoidable.

31 year old PARIS HILTON is "dating" 21 year old River Viiperi…

SIGH and HOW and NO and EW!

If anything he looks MEGA tall now, so good for him?

This disastrous paring now includes an alleged assault on Rivers part leading to an alleged arrest in Vegas.

I imagined that River had better tasted but evidently he does not.

I can't really imagine what they may have in common, Paris sure has a things for male models.

We all remember her on again off again stint with Tommy Hilfiger face/body Jason Shaw.

Also an open letter to RIVER.

Please remove your hat and headphones you look like a child.

Much Love!


 - Stephen

- Image Source


Anonymous said...

LOL! about the height! I always assumed he was really short, but maybe it was just the models he was paired with. I've never found him the least bit attractive, so I'm glad to have my taste level affirmed by Ms. Hilton.

Stephen Conway said...

When I look at him sometimes he has a bit of a frog face yes. I do love him but more for his personality but now I don't think I would care for his personality.


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