Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gay Halloween: Runway Edition

Avoid looking like this…
The internet is buzzing with ideas of what to do for Gay Halloween…

Like this or this.

We decided to put in our hot list of homo looks!

Because Gay Halloween should be sexy slutty AND stylish and not just slutty.

However mere mortals without model looks may want to avoid some of the following looks…

SO here are the TOP runway looks that are MORE suitable for Gay Halloween than real life!


Christopher Shannon
Go as a swiffer duster gays love to keep things clean! Or call yourself a rag…

Dirk Bikkemberg
Go as a sexy gay athlete… an easy out yes but will save you money. 

Dolce & Gabbana
Go as a slutty gay Italian… or just call it Italian just don't call yourself a stallion!

Go as a slutty gay Becky from Sin City or religious Leather Daddy!

John Galliano
A slutty gay pop art lobster fisherman! It's better than having CRABS!

Frankie Morello
Slutty gay skater B-boy… You should be able to put this together with pieces from your every day wardrobe. 

Gay space waiter? Or gay man maid? 

Pierre Cardin
Gay retirement home disco queen? Just keep the nipples and bulge visible like in the runway look and you will be fine. 

Topman Design
Gay surfer / football player? It's pink and sheer just skip the over shorts…

Slutty gay wrestler /  boxer an update from the traditional Gladiator look a hairless body is essential for pulling off this look! 

Louis Vuitton
Nothing says GAY scuba like cashmere neoprene go a size down if this is too conservative. 


Anonymous said...

LOL! LOVE your recommendations! Slutty Sk8er ties with Swiffer for the win!

Stephen Conway said...

Thanks! It was a pretty tame season considering so I didn't have much choice but made it work I think.


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