Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daniel Bamdad for Takeshy Kurosawa

If you want a tattooed to death model you come to London, they are a dime a dozen hanging around ALL the shows like a bad smell.

Daniel and about 3 other tattooed models spent the whole day in the press lounge one day circling the bar like sharks… I was busy drinking my body weight in free tea while making important fashion connections!

This shoot brought all those precious memories back!

Was this shot in Canada it's so green and tree-y.

I have a feeling the pitch for this idea went something like this… WE really want to JUXTAPOSE the hardness of his tattoos with something REAL and natural it will make for a really compelling campaign…

- Image Source


Aviva said...

He's really not even that great looking. Maybe it was in Germany...they have trees there too.

Stephen Conway said...

GERMANY YOU SAY? I shall look into this pressing matter!


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