Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Official Olympic Head Shots!

How do you say DISASTER in every single language?!

HOW did this happen? This is official!

Next Olympics I will photograph all attractive male athletes for free!

I wish I had time to see all the glamor shots out there.

Also when did water polo players get so tall?! Most of them are over 6'4"!!!!

And in other athlete related news the closeted mo's broke Grindr when they descended, or probably just lots of locals and tourists with delusions of getting in on the action.

The Olympic village is equipped with over 100,000 free condoms however…

So how many athletes are on your to do list?



Kenn said...

LOL! More like mug shots!

Stephen Conway said...

Yes they do… making us all into Hybristophilias :P


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