Saturday, June 16, 2012

Xander Zhou Spring Summer 2013

We were not fortunate enough to get an invite to the Xander Zhou show…

We DID get into the GQ China after party with Xander Zhou! AND that "after party" was an open bar in the press lounge, and that bar normally opens at 5:30 regardless, and that bar had a £1,500 limit…

SO our night consisted of lining up for free drinking and taking them into the real lounge, where suckers paid for drinks, HA!

Classy act I know.

I did almost literally ran into Timothy Kelleher who said "HEY" to me, because in a sea of asian men we probably all looked like potential GQ editors.

ALSO tall skinny Caucasian models in a sea of asian men look very strange.

Jake Shortall also was in the line for drinks with us a few times, super tall. Tim Hartfield was around but mainly outside smoking.

Right clothes… White power is working for me. Those short suit are a no brainer, LOVE.

I get a little lost with the lines and lavender, it all starts looking very Raf Simons.

Strong finish with the textured and shine looks.

SO next tickets next time would be fab, also drinks with Yannick Abrath would have been MORE FAB!

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