Monday, June 25, 2012


I've just chosen a few looks to illustrate some points…

For one J.Coupe is still sporting that uncharacteristic smirk, I'm worried. BUT he closed this show so good on him and his smiles, I suppose.

The head on H.Goodwins is looking HUMONGOUS, I don't remember thinking it was extra large when I met him in real life, yeah thats right… the body however is just as I remember it.

I think the makeup artist went a little crazy with the cheek bones, this can be seen on J.Gerhardt.

Also the collection is about as half assed as my review…


- Image Source… You know!


Kenn said...

You met Harry Goodwins? I'm envious! I would imagine that a wreath would make ANY head look larger than normal. Also, turtlenecks.

Stephen Conway said...

I did meet him! I produced and cast the shoot he is in for the magazine I work at.

Will post some more images of him soon.

He was really just nice easy going simple but not in a stupid way.


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