Monday, June 25, 2012

Versace Spring Summer 2013

In what looks like a hybrid between a gay porn parody of American Gladiators and a gay gogo costume from any gay club, is actually the latest Versace collection!

Why do they gays insist on always dressing up as Gladiators for halloween, the weekend, pass over, brunch and so on…?

Chaneling her inner gay Donatella is making the gayest gay that ever gayed.

A shiny glittery gay in gold, silver, black, bronze, pink and oh so much more!

This will be uber gay editorial gold, it will be interesting to see what goes into production.

Is it wrong I kinda want those horrendous sandals, think about the last time your feet were they gayest part of your outfit…

But for serious just when you think this homo can't get any more flaming she whips out a neon pink lace up brief with matching vest and sandals with a strap on metallic belly bag.

I wonder if somewhere Gianni is saying, tone it down a touch girl.

A final BRAVO goes to all the junk in mesh black briefs, everyone stayed in place, a major achievement! Forget haute couture that is a marvel in garment construction.

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Anonymous said...

There's probably nothing practical in the entire line, but I could see all of it as costuming for a sci fi flick!

Stephen Conway said...

A SUPER GAY Sci-Fi flick yes.

I would watch that.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Me too!


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