Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Patriota Twins

The Patriota Twins are at it AGAIN

This time for Attitude shot by Philip Riches.

SO why so much twincest? Is this on their card, will do twincest!

It's getting kinda awkward but I'm sure most of they gays are eating this up.

Twincest is old news in the porn world however, so maybe the fashion world is just a little behind on the times, will twincest ever be accepted into the fashion world?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, totally creeping me out! I feature the Stenmarks and a couple of other twins on my blog, but never could bring myself to post these tow because of all the inappropriate touching. I DO imagine that maybe the twins think that some words in English mean something they actually don't, though.

Stephen Conway said...

I guess you have better restraint than I. I still can't resist a twin shoot, even if it is super creepy twincest times. They either came from a porn past or can look forward to a porn future!


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