Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oliver Spencer Spring Summer 2013

Waiting in line for the Oliver Spencer show I was subjected to the loud talkings of some non-fashion friends of Dan, the smart model who did the casting.

I silently rolled my eyes thinking these self proclaimed fashion illiterates were full of it.

Dan Felton opened the show, could the friends from outside be speaking the truth?

The runway was over runneth with "real" people (NOT pictured) the grey and tattooed were like catnip for this mystery casting director.

But the clothes were clean, simple and borderline overly safe. Color blocking is looking a bit done these days, the Mondrian reference is a bit muddled.

I will always kill for a pair of Oliver's sartorial chic shoes, well no to the double monk straps.

Seated section next season?

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