Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nicole Farhi Spring Summer 2013

We didn't get into the Nicole Farhi show this season.

At 1st I was unfazed but this injustice but now I'm Curious by Britney Spears FURIOUS!

Look at the brilliant casting I missed out on!

I could have been breathing the same Oxygen as so of my all time top dawgs!

This is like a Sears wish book from the model gods!

SIGH stalking will be needed for this show next season.

I'm loving the clothes too actually, a great transition from casual underwear/pajama chic into some adorable adolescent short suits.

The miss would be black socks with brown shoes, but the models make socks with shorts look effortless.

Neutrals are having a season it would appear, love the muted patterns.

See you next season boys… next season.

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