Saturday, June 16, 2012

MAN Spring Summer 2013 Agi & Sam

When M83 - Midnight City started playing I almost lost it, I blame the lack of sleep.

The clothes were epic, a kaleidoscope of color with a heavy overdose on prints.

Solid colors were weaved into the collection perfectly.

I want every single pair of shorts.

My only problem was not the use of real people, it was the use of fake moustaches and the eye make up. I looked like the redness and bags were intensified.

Usually I will vomit when I see socks paired with Birkenstocks, but when the print on your shorts match your socks, thats just fabulous.


Anonymous said...

I particularly liked the printed socks and their use of beautiful colours, print wise: this was a massive success.

Stephen Conway said...

I got a chance to see the socks up close in person today at the exhibition they look flawless.

I love the foam print.


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