Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2013

I thought a "Little Person" opened the show… how I wish that was the truth.

I'm fine with street casting integrated with REAL models, it can be nice to give the eyes a rest for a few seconds.

However street HUSTLERS people "in lieu of" models is like a side salad in lieu of curly fries or water in lieu of Root Beer floats, disappointing and un-necessary.

If this is the best of Sicily you can cancel my all inclusive now, I would expect gay tourism to take a nose dive after this.

I feel like now every moron can list "Dolce & Gabbana MODEL" on their facebook employment page… I wish they had a David Gandy face camera for the duration of this disaster.

The good… the print shorts are acceptable, the high waisted potato sacks were not.

Some of the tops were also wearable however I will get the Zara version more than likely.

Can we pool our money to get D&G OUT of Sicily? OH wait we can just host a faux tax evasion class somewhere fabulous.

I'm sure my review best sums up this disastro.

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Stephen Conway said...

Why thank you! I'm glad someone finds me funny.


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