Monday, May 28, 2012

American Life

The internet reminded us it's Memorial Day in America.

It some how reminded me of all the random Americana I see around the various stores.

I don't quite understand this market or customer, is it British kids wanting to look American, is it Americans wanting some British versions of America, or Americans living abroad who are home sick?

I will not be sporting a Canadian flag top any time soon, and even if I did it would have to be by a Canadian brand at least.

Any who here are just a few random items for fun!

Green sublimation Statue of Liberty classic vest, £18, Topman

Star and stripe pattern denim shorts, £32, Topman

Los Angeles Print T-Shirt, £16, Burton

T-Shirt With California Print, £15, asos

Natural Las Vegas Print Vest, £14, Burton

Flag T-Shirt, £18, Zara

Also after seeing so many horrible designs I'm now considering becoming a t-shirt designer because it looks impossibly easy to be honest…

U.S.A! U.S.A!


Shelley said...

I'll take all of it - especially the Twinkie and fireworks! Can you put those in a bag? Thanks.

Stephen Conway said...

I will send it all now, COD of horse!


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