Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Seth Kuhlmann

Seth Kuhlmann Has Been Working Hard Lately And Now Behold His First MAJOR Cover!

EDIT: Zeb Ringle Is The REAL Cover Model, Thanks To Commenter Nance For Pointing That Out, Looks Like My Source Fashionologie Got It Wrong Too LOL Thats Why They Look NOTHING Alike.

On The Cover Of Arena Homme Plus Shot By Steven Klein With An Epic Wig.

What Do We Think?

He Is Almost Unrecognizable, But I Do Love The Sideways Shot.

And Here Is Seth Doing What He Do Best Just Because.

- Source


Nance M said...

The model on the cover is NOT Seth Kuhlmann. Its a new model by the name of Zeb RIngle.

Blamo said...

Thanks Nance M, No Wonder They Look Nothing Alike LOL, Silly Fashionologie…


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