Friday, March 25, 2011

Louis Trainor & Julius Niehus

Louis & Julius Are In Bloom For Huge April 2011 Shot By Katsuhide Morimoto.

OMG "Brightly Colours" Is A JIL SANDER EXPLOSION And I LOVE Every Look!

Anyone Know Where The SHORTS Are, I Can't Find Them Online… I Just Want To Look…

I Think Everyone Should RUN Out And Buy EVERY Color Over The Rainbow In Pants & Tops For Spring Summer I'm Going To… If I Can Find Cheap Versions LOL…



I Want This Runway Top It's Online At Mr. Porter For $395 A Little Steep For 100% Polyester NON? But I Want Them In Every Color SO Perfect For Summer… If I Had The Money… SIGH Maybe H&M Will Have Some :(

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