Thursday, December 30, 2004

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The project was ready to begin filming in 1990 and was set to star Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman (the original stars of the stage version). Just before filming began, Andrew Lloyd Webber divorced Brightman and the project was put on hold.

Shekhar Kapur was set to direct at one point.

John Travolta and Antonio Banderas were both considered for the role of the Phantom. Banderas actually spent several years in vocal preparation.(mybee they used his voice..)

Keira Knightley auditioned for the role of Christine Daaé.(oh god)

Charlotte Church was considered for the role of Christine Daaé.(dittio)

Anne Hathaway was considered for the role of Christine.(terrible)

While others have been mentioned through the years, Joel Schumacher was Andrew Lloyd Webber's choice for director since the movie project was conceived in the early '90s.

It took over four hours for Gerard Butler to be fitted with full makeup and prosthetics.
Filming of the final lair scene took a week to complete.(you cant tell)

Katie Holmes was almost cast as Christine but the director said she was too old for the part.(yeah so convincing)

The movie was dubbed to Spanish language by the actors and singers from the Madrid stage version. The main roles are played by Juan Carlos Barona (The Phantom), Julia Möeller (Christine), Paco Arrojo (Raoul), Yolanda Pérez Segoviano (Mme. Giry), Belén Marcos (Carlotta), Tony Cruz (Firmin), David Venancio Muro (André), Enrique Ferrer (Piangi) and Ana Esther Alborg (Meg Giry). The Spanish lyrics, however, are different from the Madrid version because of the need of lyrics that can be lipsynced with the screen actors.(who cares)

In April 2004 an audience of the stage version of "The Phantom of the Opera" in London were asked to stay behind at the end and record the sound effects for the movie. The sounds will be played during the chandelier crash.(meh)

The same lead sculptors were used for the making of the film sets and for the original stage show in London.(hhuum)

Director Joel Schumacher wanted to meet Gerard Butler after he saw him in Dracula 2000 (2000).(sexulay?)

Gerard Butler hadn't seen the musical prior to receiving his role.(maybee he never saw it or sang in it)

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Night I Cant Sleep

Who Was The Anomonoyus Commenter About Stop Posting One Liners And Only Photos Of Male Models?

That Was OODD

Anywhoo tis the night b 4 x mas and i cant sleep it sucks.

I Think Xmas May Be A Let Down This Year

I Realy Am Not Looking 4 Ward To Going Home Its Gonna Suck

Go Here

They Are Amazing What Are They doing Here?

I Miss You All And Wish I Could Stay Forever!

Love Ya All

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I Was Upset That Closer Didnt Change My Life.

I Was Rude To People Who I Should Be Nice To.

I Learned Soemthing New.

I Found A New Person In Nanaimo.

I Cryed Today.

I For Once I Felt Good About My Self.

I For Once I Felt Attractive.

I Started Belleding.

I Saw Myself In The Mirror.

I Lafughed Out Loud.

I Closed Another Door.

I Refused To Open Another.

I Worked On Some Realtionships.

I Ignored More.

I Got To Hot.

I Spend Money On Someone Else.

I Felt Comfortable In My Skin.

I Didnt Dress Like A Slut.

I Dressed Like A Punk.

I Said Im Sorry.

I Lied.

I Stole.

I Flirted.

I Ignored.

I Wanted Something I Told Myself I Didnt Need.

I Found My Self.

I Lost My Self.

I ate.

I Slept.

I Wrote.

I Painted.

I Watched TV.

I Listened To A New CD.

I Spent Time Loving My Self.

I Spent Time Thinking About Me.

I Felt Concided.

I Had Other Thoughts.

I Didnt Think About What If.

I Tryed To Avoid Dissapontment.

I Lied To Myself.

I Made Promosies.

I Made Plans.

I Apreciated Being Alone.

I Felt Happy.

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